Monday, August 24, 2009

Juice Testimony

My experience using Xango has been life changing. When I started using this juice at the suggestion of Randi Susan I really wasn't expecting much.

What a surprise awaited me. Since using this product for the past 2 months I have been able to eliminate my blood sugar medicine I was taking for Diabetes as my blood sugar levels have changed drastically. In fact, my doctor told me after brand new blood tests, I do not have Diabetes any longer. She stated that at this point I am simply borderline and do NOT require medication.

Additionally, I have been having real issues with Reflux disease and Post Nasal Drip as a result of the Reflux problems which required medication for both issues. I now sleep through the night without the need for antihistamines or medicines for Reflux each morning. I have also eliminated the supplements I have been taking religiously for arthritis problems in my knee as I seem to have no pain or swelling in that area.

I have had 2 surgeries on my right knee and was told I would probably need a knee replacement within a year. I feel as though I have my life back. One I thought I had lost forever. No more meds....just Xango every day.

Heartfelt thanks to the people who are responsible for this product and thank you Randi Susan for caring enough to share this with me.


Austin, TX

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Studying the Next Super Food - Martha Stewart Article

Hey, the word is really getting around about the health benefits of the mangosteen juice! Check out the article titled "Studying the Next Superfood" in the May, 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Questions were posed to physician Brent A. Bauer of the Complimentary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic, about the health benefits of mangosteen. Dr. Bauer is conducting the first large-scale clinical human trials on the mangosteen fruit.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Recession-proof Jobs Article at USA Today

Here is an article that was passed on to me about how people are using direct sales to get them through the recession. Whether supplementing their current income, replacing income from a lost job, or just staying home with the kids to cut down on day care expenses, network marketing is giving people an alternative to the standard 9-to-5 job.

Here is a portion of the article:

Direct sales (like Avon, Mary Kay) offer recession-proof jobs

Not long ago, Craig Lapp made his living driving a truck that helped carve Southern California's soil into new developments. But then housing sales slumped, and in November 2007 Lapp's construction company let him go.

While he searched for another job, Lapp began working alongside his wife, Lynne, in a business based in their Temecula home, selling nutritional supplements made by the direct-sales company Isagenix. Nearly two years later and with no construction job in sight, Lapp says a one-time sideline has become the couple's bread and butter.

GOT A BUDDING BUSINESS? Latest Small Business news

"It's paying our mortgage, our car payments … putting food on the table," says Lapp, 55, who adds that he and his wife are earning a six-figure income. "It was our 'Plan B' that turned into our 'Plan A.' "

Direct-sales businesses that rely on home-based representatives to peddle their wares are seeing their sales forces rapidly expand as the nation's unemployment rate soars to nearly 9% and those who lost jobs and nest eggs look for new ways to make money....

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Big News From the Las Vegas Regional! Tune in Tonight!

If we were excited when we first joined XanGo, we are even more
excited after this weekend in Vegas.


Our call Monday at 930PM ET will go over the HIGHLIGHTS OF THE
REGIONAL...fasten your seat belts....for the ride of your life and the

712 429 0690 PIN 767063#

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Team Call with XANGO CEO, Robert Conlee, Monday Night!

Robert Conlee is XanGo's CEO. He joined the company in October 2008.
Robert began his executive and management experience in the direct sales industry in 1990, working primarily at Nu Skin Enterprises. Among other responsibilities he was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Operating Officer of the Pharmanex nutritional division, which accounts for nearly half of Nu Skin's annual revenue. Robert also served as President of Nu Skin Japan, Nu Skin's largest market, and President-North Asia Region, where he was responsible for more than $600 million in annual sales and worked with several hundred thousand active distributors.

Robert earned an MBA from Temple University and a BA in Japanese from Brigham Young University. Robert served as a member of the board for the JDSA, a voting member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and currently serves on an advisory board in his local city government. He and his wife, Stephanie, are the parents of four children. When he's not advancing the XanGo brand worldwide, Robert enjoys golfing, surfing and skiing.

DATE: Monday, April 20, 2009

TIME: 5:00 p.m. Pacific / 8:00 p.m. Eastern

SECONDARY TOPIC: Mangosteen and Inflammation

PIN: 897531#

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer!

Here is a note of thanks that was passed to one of our friends, Sandi Cohen:

Hi Sandi,


Monday morning, I received a call from a very happy lady. We met her and her husband recently at a restaurant. In conversation we mentioned Xango. She asked me to send her information. Since they didn't live far from us, we decided to drop it off instead of mailing it. What a blessing. They were home and we had a nice visit, sharing more about Xango. The next day, she called to ask more questions, about the juice and the business. Ask us to come over that evening so they could join us in Xango. I had 1 bottle of juice to sell them so she could start right away to see what it would do for her health. She like most of us wanted to see what Xango would do for her before telling anyone else. That was Friday night.
Monday, she called to say, that having been on the juice, just Saturday and Sunday, 1 oz., 3 times daily. She already was having amazing results. Swelling was down in her knees, her legs were not hurting and her sugar levels were down( she is a very bad diabetic).
She was already wanting to order more Xango, so she could double her dosage. Her husband wanted to take it also. He too was happy to see such a difference in his wife in just 2 days. Her daughter was excited and wanted to start her arthritic dog on Xango too.
We just need to keep praying for God to bring people our way so we can share the miracle of the xanthones of the mangosteen fruit.

Happy serving others,


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's in a Mangosteen? You do the math!

Here is a list of chemicals found in the mangosteen, that were looked up in Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database. Remember, Xango blends all of the fruit; the rind, the seeds, the stem, and the pulp.

Chemicals in: Garcinia mangostana L. (Clusiaceae) -- Mangosteen, Mangostin





1FAT Seed 1,000 - 34,285 ppm JFM


ASCORBIC-ACID Fruit 10 - 255 ppm CRC JFM

ASH Fruit 2,000 - 13,140 ppm JFM


BETA-MANGOSTIN Latex Exudate 20,000 ppm; CCO

BETULIN Leaf 250 ppm; JAD

CALCIUM Fruit 100 - 637 ppm CRC JFM

CARBOHYDRATES Fruit 143,000 - 960,000 ppm JFM

CATECHINS Fruit 50,000 - 60,000 ppm HHB Petiole 700,000 - 140,000 ppm WOI



CITRIC-ACID Fruit 4,200 - 27,815 ppm WOI

FAT Seed 30,000 ppm; WOI

FIBER Fruit 50,000 - 318,000 ppm JFM





IRON Fruit 2 - 46 ppm JFM

KILOCALORIES Fruit 600 - 3,630 /kg CRC JFM


MANGOSTIN Fruit: HHB Latex Exudate 300,000 - 500,000 ppm CCO


NIACIN Fruit 6 - 38 ppm CRC

PECTIN Fruit 1,000 - 5,000 ppm JFM WOI

PHOSPHORUS Fruit 100 - 685 ppm CRC JFM

PHYTIN Fruit 1,190 - 6,560 ppm JFM

POTASSIUM Fruit 1,350 - 8,560 ppm CRC

PROTEIN Fruit 5,000 - 34,285 ppm JFM

RIBOFLAVIN Fruit 0.2 - 1.3 ppm CRC

SODIUM Fruit 10 - 64 ppm CRC

SUGARS Fruit 164,200 - 960,000 ppm JFM WOI

THIAMIN Fruit 0.3 - 1.9 ppm CRC JFM

WATER Fruit 802,000 - 849,000 ppm JFM
ppm = parts per million
tr = trace

Dr. Duke does not recommend self diagnosis or self medication. Please see the disclaimer for more information.

Tue Apr 7 08:01:25 EDT 2009

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Dr. Duke does not recommend self diagnosis or self medication. Please see the disclaimer for more information.